Black Shire Almonds

Black Shire Almonds come from the S&B Ranch, a small owner-operated 10-acre ranch located in Arbuckle, California.  We hand planted our plot of 534 almond trees in 2004 and the trees we specially selected are Butte and Padre varieties - known to provide some of the best almonds for snacking. When you taste our delicious almonds, you will be experiencing freshness and quality that only a small almond orchard can deliver.  Best of all, our almonds are from our 2017-18 crop that was recently harvested, hence our slogan, “From our trees to your home before the dust settles.

Black Shire Almonds got its name first from Doc and then from Danvick, the Black Shire horses that have been a part of our team since the beginning.  Shires are the largest of draft horse breed and they will provide important help to us in the field and promotional support as we visit various communities.  Our almond orchard is very small compared to large corporate farms and this means we have a limited supply of almonds each year.  Because of this, you can be one of a select group to be able to enjoy them.

You know that almonds are good for your and our 8-ounce packages of almonds come unseasoned (natural) or in 7 unique and delicious flavors, both savory and sweet!  We roast and flavor them in small batches overseeing the entire process.  In addition, through weekly farmers markets and other events, we provide sampling to ensure freshness, consistency and quality for our customers.

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